Robert Henderson: "It’s Finally Time to Take Your Case to Heaven’s Court!"

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“It’s Finally Time to Take Your Case to Heaven’s Court!”

You are about to be utterly blown away by the truths of this Word of the Lord through Robert Henderson.

The time has finally arrived and God is telling His People to “Take your case to Court… MY HEAVENLY COURT!”

Watch this. God told Robert how to finally breakthrough in his intercessions for his son. Two years of praying and nothing happened. But then, God told Robert to take his case to court… that’s right, the ‘COURT OF HEAVEN.’

15 minutes of Court Time in Heaven (even when it happens with your divine imagination) can make all the difference in the world, like those 15 minutes did for Robert Henderson. A week or two later Robert’s son suddenly just SHIFTED and the crisis was over! Wow!

You gotta listen to this… RIGHT NOW!

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Steve and Derene Shultz

Steve and Derene Shultz

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