Miracle Breakout! Supernaturally Transported and Cancer Healed

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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

This was one of my favorite recent interviews.

Prophet David Herzog will amaze you as you listen to his riveting stories of prophecy and of many other supernatural events. He will tell you of prophesying to a group of Jewish leaders at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Truly astounding!

Listen as he speaks of being supernaturally transported to different places while being on an assignment for God! If you need to be encouraged that God is still doing supernatural miracles among Believers, then this program is for you!  

I encourage you to WATCH this powerful episode from David Herzog and then order his products below that we put together JUST FOR YOU — our Elijah Streams viewer. To view those products, click here.

Enjoy this episode and special products from the David Herzog!


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Watch David Herzog’s Prophecy about Israel Referenced in Episode

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With over 25 years of operating in the glory realm, David Herzog teaches you how to:

  • Access the glory daily and see it manifest tangibly in Your Life!
  • Accelerate and be taken to a whole new level of KINGDOM INFLUENCE.
  • See an increase in salvations, signs, wonders, miracles—AND favor in YOUR business and finances!

David says the Church isn’t seeing many “creative miracles” such as: rods turning to bones, missing legs growing out, and more!

Through this teaching David imparts:

  • Key revelation and instructions
  • And How YOU can access God’s creative power—and watch the seemingly impossible become possible!

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