Matt Sorger: "Experience God’s Tangible Glory & Receive Your Healing"

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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Matt Sorger is all about carrying the presence and the glory of God. He has an incredible healing ministry with many supernatural miracles following.

I enjoyed our time with Matt as he shared from his own testimony and the encounters he’s had. You’re going to learn a great deal about the power of God you can carry, as well as receive recent prophetic revelations the Lord revealed to Matt. You can have your own breakthrough with God and be equipped to help those around you!

Plus, make sure and order Matt Sorger’s anointed package below we’ve put together just for you, our Elijah Streams viewer. Get ready to excel in your relationship with God!

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Do you want to attract God’s glory and be a walking open Heaven wherever you go?

You’re going to find out how God’s power and glory are available and accessible to you…right now!

Call 866-967-3665 to order this power-packed offer from Matt Sorger called Power For Your Life! Live in God’s Glory and Open Heavens

Ask for offer number: 1032

This offer includes Matt Sorger’s book “Power for Life” along with 3 accompanying CDs that will help you excel in your walk with God!

In his book “Power for Life” Matt reveals how to release God’s greatness within you and live an extraordinary life marked by the presence of God.

Bill Johnson from Bethel Church says, “Matt connects us to the power of God for a life of victory and overcoming. We were born for this!” 

In Matt’s powerful 3-CD set you’ll discover:

  • 8 important keys to attract the Holy Spirit, His involvement and anointing
  • How to stay spiritually hungry and watch God respond
  • And Why every choice you make matters

Then you’ll receive Matt Sorger’s instructions — to position yourself to experience God’s overflow!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Transform your life and receive your healing
  • “Keep it simple” and walk in the supernatural without being weird

Matt also reveals how Christians can carry so much of God’s Glory that cities and nations can come under divine influence and be shaken for Him! 

If you are hungry to experience God’s presence and receive everything you were created for, you need to get this power package!

Just ask for offer number: 1032

To order by phone, call the toll-free number listed below, or to order online CLICK HERE.

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Please Specify Offer Number: 1032

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