How to Unlock God’s Secrets for Your Life – Hidden in Your Dreams!

Dear Elijah List and ELIJAH STREAMS friends,

We have a double treat for you today — with Cindy and her husband Tim McGill! Many of you have heard of me speaking about Cindy McGill — that she is the real deal and really gets it! She is one who goes into the darkest places many wouldn’t go into — to share the Gospel and the love of Christ —and she uses her gift in “Dream Interpretation” as an open door to reach the lost.

In today’s featured episode with Tim and Cindy McGill you will:

   •  Learn that God chooses to speak personal messages through your dreams because it’s a secret weapon for your success.

   •  Understand the many “different types” of dreams you can have and practical steps in helping yourself and others interpret their dreams too.

   •  Receive new and fun techniques to share the Gospel while compelling the hurting people to finally encounter Christ. 

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Cindy McGill’s “Dreams: A Documentary” film is the winner of several national and international awards! Join Cindy and her team as she visits different PUBLIC events – to help dreamers unlock their dreams, giving them clarity and NEW HOPE for their lives!

In this “out of the box” package, Cindy and her Dream Team go “undercover” to SOME OF the darkest places in the U.S. to share the love of Jesus WITH hurting people, and uniquely minister to them — through dream interpretation.

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