Demontae Edmonds: "The Gift of Discerning of Spirits & 7 Dimensions of Revelation"

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From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Many of you may be like me in that, you like to have secret information FROM THE LORD HIMSELF while you are doing ministry.

Well, you’re in Holy Spirit-filled “luck!”

There is a whole class of spiritual gifts that are now “here to help!”

In very recent years past, it was not uncommon, while doing ministry – especially deliverance ministry – for the one doing the deliverance ministry to have to “guess” at what demonic structures were harassing a person. At such times the pastor or intercessor calls out the many POSSIBLE demons a person might be fighting against.

During this season on earth, God is moving VERY quickly to unveil to many hundreds of thousands of His people — He has already given a special gift — THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT.

Please watch and enjoy this interview I did with Demontae Edmonds. Demontae has that same gift – the Gift of Discernment.

You’re going to love this gift!!

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You would never get behind the wheel of a car if you were blind! So why would you consider one more moment as if you were “spiritually blind!”

Well, that can stop right now!

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In this deeply insightful package, you’ll receive Demontae Edmonds’ book, Discerning of Spirits: Seven Dimensions of Revelation, and how YOU can thwart the enemy’s plans over you, your loved ones and your business.

You’ll also receive 3 audio CDs giving you a “foundational teaching” on the Gift of Discernment. Demontae reveals to you 7 dimensions encompassing the Discerning of Spirits including: The angelic, The demonic, The human spirit and more!

Whether you’re “In the Trenches” or “Behind the Scenes” — this package has something that will change your life!

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