Chris Overstreet: Meeting Jesus in Jail, then Sent to the Nations!

Featured Guests:

Steve & Derene Shultz

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

This interview I had with Chris Overstreet is as real and raw as it gets. Nothing that you could ever walk through can separate you from the love and redemption of Jesus Christ!

You are going to find out about this and more as international evangelist Chris Overstreet shares his own testimony of being in a jail cell to now evangelizing all over the world AND how he has trained thousands to do the same.

Do yourself and others a favor — pass on this message to everyone you know, including unsaved family, friends and any prodigals you’ve been praying for. The Lord could very well use this to get others saved and their lives rededicated to Christ in watching this powerful interview.

  • Blessings,
  • Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders

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