The Voice that Saved My Life!

Posted on September 29, 2020

by John Veal

The Voice that Saved My Life!

Are you called to prophetic ministry? In this latest episode with John Veal, he offers incredible insight into the office of the prophet, entering prophetic ministry, and how hearing God's voice saved his life! Yes, that's how important hearing His voice is.

I was amazed at the stories John revealed, seeing God's hand on his life from his miraculous birth, and the angels and God Himself protecting him from an early age.

If you want practical insight on how to walk out the calling of God in your life, just how important it is to hear God's voice for yourself, and launch into prophetic ministry...I encourage you to watch this interview right now. And please forward on to everyone you know who needs a jolt in the prophetic in a powerful way!


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