Move in Power - Be Holy Spirit-Led and Anointed

Posted on October 6, 2020

by Michelle Corral


Move in Power -
Be Holy Spirit-Led and Anointed!

Have you hungered, and I mean really hungered, for more of Holy Spirit? You're going to learn a great deal from Dr. Michelle Corral as she teaches you just how to experience more of Him and His presence in your home, your business, and the darkest places on the planet. Yes, Holy Spirit wants to pour Himself out to a hurting world, bringing healing and breaking yokes of bondage in every area of life.

You'll also receive in-depth revelation about your God-given anointing! That's right...God has given each one of us a unique anointing to serve Him. Watch this episode with Dr. Corral, be Spirit-led and anointed in His supernatural power, and get equipped to serve Him in your!

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