Katie Souza: "Receive the 'Working of Miracles' Gift!"

Posted on March 16, 2020

by Katie Souza

Receive the "Working of Miracles" Gift!

Katie Souza is one of a kind! I've always highly respected her healing ministry and the amazing testimonies that come out of it. Many miracles breakout wherever she goes and in prisons as well! We've enjoyed having her at our annual conference for the past two years now.

In her recent interview with us, she shares some of the miracles which happened here and other places. Believe me, you'll want to watch this episode!

Do you need a miracle or want to receive key insight in how to walk in the "working of miracles" gift? Watch this fascinating interview with Katie Souza!

I also encourage you to grab our conference set "What is Heaven Planning for 2020" where you can hear what Katie Souza, along with Lance Wallnau, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Steve Swanson and I shared from the Lord for this year and beyond!

Check it out here:
Elijah Streams - Offer 2020


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